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Filecoin Ecosystem Update 2020

Filecoin's Mission

  • To create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity's information — Humanity most valuable resource


  • Decentralize the Cloud
  • Give users control of their data
  • Turning data storage pricing into an efficient market, allow the network to set prices rather than a corporate pricing department
  • Making storage verifiable
    • Ensure that when someone says they're storing your file, they are actually storing them
  • Optimizing the world storage
    • The amount of data we generate is growing at an alarming rate, but only a tiny portion of the world's generated data is actually stored.
      • In 2020: total of 58 ZB, only 7% of global data is stored
      • In 2024: expected to be a total of 175 ZB, where only 5% of global data is stored


  • Cloud companies control how data is stored and priced -> A global open market
  • Content move right to the edge where it's needed the most by the set of clients

Storage Provider

To be a storage provider

  • Not only will you need to have disks, tapes, server admins, good connectivity and competitive pricing, you'll also need good customer support, sales and marketing.
  • Filecoin offload the business related aspects so you can focus on the core tech.
  • Filecoin vs AWS / Azure (Cloud) is like Airbnb vs Marriot / Hilton

Ecosystem Overview

  • Filecoin is not just software but an ecosystem
  • Miners
    • No miner has more than 7% of the network power
  • Applications
    • Slate
    • Fleek Space: Filecoin, IPFS and Powergate
      • Private P2P version of dropbox
    • Voodfy: Livepeer and Filecoin
    • Starling
    • Filecoin Discover
    • Developer Tools
      • Powergate
      • Truffle Preserve
      • ProtoSchool
      • Infura
    • Wallets
      • Metamask
      • Ledger
  • Implementations
    • go-filecoin
    • lotus
    • forest
    • fuhon

Filecoin Ecosystem
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IPFS Ecosystem
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